Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesters day was Marcos's bday and tomorrow is A1's so I decided to start a new tradition for the birthday people...I am going to make a list of the things that we love about them according to their age (original I know) so here it goes...

28 Things we LOVE about Tio Marcos:

  1. He is fun to play with (A1)

  2. He cares for me (K)

  3. He makes us laugh

  4. If you ever have to go somewhere by yourself, he always volunteers to go with you!

  5. Because he has a dog (C)

  6. He asked Haley to marry him.

  7. Cause he is my son (Dad)

  8. He gives me kisses (A2)

  9. He loves his family. (Haley)

  10. He is silly. (Haley)

  11. He's always willing to help out when people need it. (Cheeto)

  12. He is my baby brother.

  13. He loves me. (A1)

  14. Because he is Mexican. (Haley M.)

  15. He invites me over for "pinta beans" (Stu)

  16. He lets me sleep on his arm. (A1)

  17. He is my BIL. (Kris)

  18. He makes me laugh. (Mom)

  19. Lots of fun to take on road trips and plays games with songs.

  20. Fun to go to NC State games.

  21. Loves dogs.

  22. He squeals like a girl.(what I think Adam would have said had I been able to ask him)

  23. He is generous to others. (Kris)

  24. If you lose your keys (but not really cause you had them all along) he meets you half way.

  25. Fun to go to Mexico with and go exploring.

  26. He is always ready to give hugs.

  27. He makes great exercise tapes. (what Eddie would say if I had been able to ask him)

  28. He baby-sits all the time. (Sissy)

And one to grow on:

He sings real loud even if it doesn't sound that good!

We love you and are so grateful that you are in our family and you are the best baby brother a girl could ask for.

4 Things that we LOVE about our A1

  1. She loves to give hugs and kisses as soon as you walk in the room!

  2. She loves to be with her family especially her sister and her boys.

  3. Loves to have girl dates.

  4. Loves to help with anything that you ask her to help with

And one to grow on:

She knows how to spread her attention evenly to everyone in the room so that no one feels left out!

We love you sweet girl and you are the best 4 year old niece ever!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Utah & Las Vegas

WARNING! HUGE POST & you might need to be realted to enjoy!

I got to go to Utah for my little brother Adam's commissioning in the Marine Corps. Mom, Dad, Marcos & Haley all went out for it as well.

Mom, Melissa and the kids got to put on A's new shoulder stuff, Mom struggled a little with her buttons!

After the ceremony, we had a great little cook out and my friend from forever came with her little boy and hubby...Julius, the baby is so sweet and such a snuggler!
He even let me hold him for a little while!

This is my friend Nate's little boy!This is his sister and my nephew Garrett on the front porch and the rocking chairs. We were out there for a good hour telling all the stories that we could come up with.
This is Lettie with her "cake face"...she is so funny to watch make a mess while she eats.
After our weekend in Layton, we headed to St. George for a few days. This is part of the Shuck family that used to live here in Greensboro, but are now in Utah. It was great to catch up with them.
This is Lettie with her crazy hair in our condo.
While we were in Southern Utah, we went to Zions National Park, and while we were there we got to go on a trail ride through part of the park...this is our guide, Curtis, in the front, then Melissa and Dad.
Mom was having a great time feeling like a kid again...
Dad wanted to be in a Rodeo, on his donkey...when we got back to coral , Melissa had been leaning so far, that her saddle was crooked.
We did go on one hike up to Emerald pools, where the water comes down off a cliff into a pool of rocks and it was so pretty!
Little Lettie found a friend on a rock and insisted that we watch it until it made it to a tree.
She was cheering it on to safety. Back at our condo, we had several swimming pools and we spent a whole lotta time there. and Ethan could have been a fish if we would have let him...
Garrett loved a float that we had and wanted to pull whom ever would get on it around the pool and I was more than happy to let him.
Our last night in St. George, we had some Mongolian BB-Q and our waitress made sure that we all ate with our sticks, including the kids!
Garrett even liked the food!
Lettie tried to use hers, but she mostly had to use her fingers.
I said that we all used them, but Damma decided that she was too good for them, but it didn't stop Damdpa from filling his cheeks.
Adam is always good for a goofy face...
I'll use any means possible to get food in my face.
When we got to Vegas we had were able to meet lots of new babies! This is my BFF Coco's little girl Baylee and she has some beautiful blue eyes and red hair!
Lettie is a full year older than Baylee and Lettie kept asking her if she needed a sippy and always had an extra one just in case!
We also took the kids to the aquarium in Mandalay Bay, this is the pic that Ethan took of the sharks teeth.
This is another one of the babies that we got to meet, his name is Mannix and he is my cousins little boy.
This is the BFF Coco that is Baylee's Mommy.
This is my cousin Darleen and I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of her and her baby...
But here is Lettie with the back of her baby Carson's head.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

Kris turned 30 so I decided that since his birthday was on on Thursday, we should celebrate all weekend!

I started out with "brunch" at Kelson's school with Sassy, Grandpa, & Addelyn. He was so excited to see them!

Wendy's took too long giving me the food, so we were 3 minutes late getting to Kelson's school, so he had already gone in the lunch line...they had tacos that day, so guess who ate the tacos so Kelson could have his cheeseburger with pickles...
Friday night, we went out to dinner at Positanos, love that place! Then Saturday we went garage sale-ing, took Bofo to doggy daycare, had an hour and a half couple massage, had lunch, took naps, and then went to see Wolverine. Then on Sunday we had our Idaho party, with Carne Asada, Kris' favorite, and strawberry shortcake, my favorite!
This is what we found Bofo while out Saturday morning...he loves it! He will go and lay down on his bed instead of hanging out with us...
Addelyn loves sitting in the lovesack, so whom ever is sitting there gets to hang with her, well it also happens to be Tio Kris' favorite spot, so this is how Sunday afternoons look! And I just love this picture and wanted to put it on our blog...
Thanks for all of the birthday fun & wishes!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catch up

So I am finally done with tax season and now its time to play catch up on the last 14 weeks...

Kris has been a busy guy with house stuff. A couple of weeks ago we went to Lowes and he went crazy in the gardening department. He came home and went to work on cleaning out all the stuff I didn't like and planting the new...
He goes out and looks everyday to see if any of his plants are coming up so,
I decided to get him one that was already blooming so that he wouldn't be discouraged!
Bofo turned 1 on 4/21 which is the same day as my Dad and SIL Meilissa, neither one of them were here, so we just stayed home and played with Bofo...

When we come in the house after taking him out, he likes to "walk" himslef in, and sits in front of the couch until you come and take off his collar and leash.

This is Bofo's brave look...
Kris swears that he isn't attached to Bofo and that doesn't care about us having a dog, but he does like to tease him and try to get his attention...
But Bofo could really care less what the crazy guy is doing, except when it involves treats, then he will do whatever it is that you want!
This is our little neice and she is already 6 months old! It just amazes me how fast time flies! She is so cute and we love having her every chance we get!
This is the Panther & Steeler family and I love how creative my SIL is and she makes her girls the cutest dresses to support their Daddy's favorite football teams. Cheetos' Steelers have won the Superbowl everytime that he has a girl, too bad they are done having kids!
This is a typicall "Arellano" shot, even with the adults, for some reason we have a hard time paying attention...

We finally got some snow this year and Kris thinks that it is hillarious that everything shuts down around here. He even got a couple un-expected days off. But the second snow that we got, we lost power and had to go to Mom and Dad's so that we didn't freeze to death. After a few hours, our neighbor called and said power was back on and Kris really wanted to go home, so we left Mom and Dad's house, and ended up coming back after about 2miles, I was fixin' to have a heart attack (for you non-southern people, that means I was real scared). I told him that if he wanted to try to not go sideways and come down the big hill backwards, he would have to let me and the dog out at Mom's, he didn't try it again.

Kris took Bofo out during our snow and he was not too sure what to think about it...(Kris is terrified to let Bofo out without a leash on, so all his pictures of Bofo look like this...)
I don't like going out in the snow so I just let him off his leash and he came right back...I don't think he was that fond of the snow either.
Kris got a hold of the camera during our second snow and had a great time taking pics...
This is out our back door...

This site takes so long to download pics, so I will have to add more of Kris' photography later...